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Streamza: Watch Anything, Anytime.

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Watch Anything, Anywhere.
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What is Streamza?
Streamza is a BitTorrent client in the cloud, equipped with all the tools, and networking capabilities, that enable you to have a seemless experience with your content, while still being able to share with other Streamza users.
How does it work?
Its as easy as signing up, you will have your own, personal online storage, Streamza is extremely user friendly, just select "Search" and your good to go!
There as over 30 million people using torrents today, still using the original method of downloading with uTorrent. With Streamza, you can download torrents on any tablet, phone or smart device. With an hourly updated search engine, and instant access to tens of thousands of high end torrents, you will never need to pay Netflix or Amazon another dollar again.
How much does it cost?
Starting from only $1.99 a month, you will have access to 5GB of space per month, this is enough for 5 seasons of your favourite TV Show, or any 6 1080p HD Movie you can imagine.
With Streamza, you can have up to 200GB, for only $14.99, Check out all out other plans after signing up. We accomodate all types of users.
Instant Access
If another user has downloaded a torrent you are looking for, then you have instant access, and begin streaming in just seconds. Currently you will have access to many thousands of popular torrents used across streamza, and across the world.
Connect with Friends
With Streamza, you can connect with your friends, you can exchange torrents, images, and even chat all simulatenously without having to lose track of your content.
Search Engine
Streamza comes equipped with an hourly updated search engine, that provides access to the latest and popular torrents around on the internet, with lightning speeds, you can download gigabytes, in just a minute or two.
We want Streamza to seemlessly connect with your TV set, so we've enabled Roku functionality, we also have multiple projects on board.
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