Sabtu, 16 Mei 2015

Million-Dollar Launch Secret?

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Hey Lukman,

Marcel here from


The other morning I was browsing online and I
noticed something interesting…


I was looking at two products who each did over
one million dollars in sales online, and something
struck me…


Both products were offering PLR products as


Now obviously a lot goes into making a product
successful, but I couldn’t help thinking that
these savvy marketers must be testing… and
clearly the result was that a good PLR product
bonus helps increase conversions!


The bonuses they were offering were an article-
marketing product and a Twitter product.


How can you take advantage of this?


Well, by offering PLR products that people are
already hungry for (either selling them or as
bonuses), you too can rake in a small fortune!


Our elite VIP membership level offers you your
choice of:


* 100+ high-quality Twitter MRR/PLR products


* 100+ high-quality Article Marketing MRR/PLR


Why re-invent the wheel?


Why not let successful marketers who spend
hours and thousands optimizing their site to get
optimal conversions tell you exactly what’s
working today?


It a bit sneaky… but it just makes sense!


Click on the link below to upgrade today and get
your pick of potential “million-dollar bonuses


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Who knows… maybe your next product will be
the next “million dollar” launch :-)



P.S. All VIP upgrades come with a full 60-Day money
back guarantee.



To FAST-TRACK your success, I strongly
recommend you upgrade your membership to 

our elite package – VIP.


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