Senin, 23 Maret 2015

What the ...

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Hey Lukman,

It’s Marcel again, and I am really PISSED OFF
right now.

Just got another of those Internet guru emails in my inbox,
promising me a six figure income in the next three months.

And you know what? A lot of people fall for these scams.

These hucksters promise the earth and make it all sound so easy,
this Internet Marketing thing.

How many times have you heard them say, “Just set aside two
hours a day to create your own products, and we’ll help you get

Yeah, yeah... Then why aren’t there a ton of rich newbies out
there milking the Web for all it’s worth?

I’ll tell you why...

Creating your own products is HARD WORK.

After you’ve had a tough stretch in the office, dealing with difficult
customers all day, the LAST thing you want when you get home is
to spend another two hours SLAVING away at your computer.

You just want to sink into your couch and RELAX.

You want to spend some quality time with your kids and talk to
your wife for a couple of hours.

You DON’T want to have to shift back into worker mode for two
hours before crawling into bed at midnight, only for the alarm
clock to wake you up again six hours later!

No, my friend. That’s not a life -- it’s an EXISTENCE.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was some way you could get your own
products, and NOT have to create them yourself?

A way to avoid all the effort, and the HOURS it takes to make a
product someone actually BUYS!

And wouldn’t you want to own as MANY products as you like, for
a FRACTION of the cost, and the time, it takes to make them

Well, I have GOOD NEWS for you.

If you’ve studied Internet marketing, you’ve probably heard the
term “PLR” -- private label rights.

PLR are books, articles, videos, audios... even computer scripts.
Material you can take and repurpose for whatever you like
(depending on the license for each PLR product).

Now you no longer have to sweat it out for a WEEK, writing
10 articles for your website -- just buy 10 PLR articles instead,
and adapt them to your needs in a couple of HOURS.

And which do you prefer?

To spend $100 hiring someone to make ONE video for you, or
pay $47 for HUNDREDS of quality videos you can easily repurpose?

And, you know what?

Just $47 is all it costs you to upgrade from your free membership
at to VIP membership and get your hands on
HUNDREDS more PLR products.

CLICK HERE to upgrade

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you get access to a FURTHER 1800 (and growing) HOT selling products.

No more sweating it out night after night, trying to make your own
products -- after your wife and kids have gone up to bed.

Just take the money2k products, and make them your own!
 Put your name on them, rebrand them, and then
 SELL them and keep ALL the profits!

There’s never been a QUICKER, EASIER way to make real money on
the Web.

But you’ll have to hurry. This opportunity’s slipping through your
fingers faster than a greased monkey.

When all 200 VIP memberships are gone, that’s it.


The doors shut, and the best products -- in the VIP section -- CLOSE
to you.

So get in now -- while you still can.

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See you on the other side?

Marcel Vinson

PS Remember, once the counter hits 200, the 1800 extra products
slip through fingers. Why risk losing out -- for the sake of... $47?

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