Minggu, 01 April 2012

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I appreciate it when people
are genuine with me.

So I strive to be authentic
when recommending something
to another person.

I know how hard it can be
to choose between ad sites.

I wish everyone could view
my ongoing hit tracking
campaign because through it
I've learned a lot:)

I've been able to shed nearly
60 ineffective ad sources that
rarely delivered and narrow
it down to just 7 with the best


This one has been the most
effective for me due to
these reasons:

- delivers highest amount
  of U.S. traffic along with
  the best hit/signup ratio

- absolute easiest to setup
  and maintain

- I can promote any 10 links
  and change them whenever I

I believe everyone can succeed
online if we are honest and help
others in need.

If someone can benefit from my
advice just a little bit then
I can feel good about that:)

Olivia Flynn

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