Minggu, 01 April 2012

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I'M Frieken Tired Of Doing The Work For Salesmen. R U?

I mean come on, I'm suppose to waste my time
driving traffic to their site and get nothing in return.
I mean nuttin.

The four letter word has become waaaaaay
to competive for me.

You get a signup and before they even get to login and upgrade
they have been presented with a better, get rich for doing nothing
and never spend a dime chance, yet again.

It's time to wake up before you signup to anything else these days.
I mean how much more can we stretch ourselves.

Lets see:
Join for free
No OTO's
Never pay a dime
with a promise of big b-ucks?

Where in the tar-nations would the mo-n-ey come from.

If you are about ready to give up.
Lets ban together and declare that we are going STOP
getting nothing for our work.

Let me know,
Doug Pemberton

Fill in the form.
Check our simple system out then get in touch
with us by any of our contact details found inside
for direct answers to your concerns.
Ok? :-)
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