Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

So Why Am I'm....Promoting An E-Cig?

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I'm doing this, believe it or not to help others, and to make a better life for myself.

I was heartbroken to see my love ones, and friends suffer from the effects of smoking. Also, to be treated like a second class citizen, and told to go outside to smoke. I belong to a veterans association, and to see elderly people outside in the rain and snow, did not make any sense to me. Our, government thinks this is healthier. They don't want to know, what I think of this.

Suddenly I was faced with a Moral Dilemma:

A while back a dear friend of mine had cancer in the throat and mouth. So like so many people with cancer, he had to go for surgery. After the surgery he was told that they got it all. Of course the excitement was shared by everyone involved. He was so grateful, that he gave up smoking cold turkey. I was glad for him. Approximately 2 months later, he was informed that, they discovered… that they did not get it all. Radiation treatments had to start. With all this heartbreak for him, he kind of gave up, and started smoking. Could I blame him? I understood. Did I wish, that he would not smoke? Yes, definitely.

The Cancer Clinic, was giving him some hassle about him smoking, as they could smell the tobacco on him. They also said that with radiation, he can't smoke. He still decided to smoke.

My girlfriend told him that I was promoting an electronic cigarette, and he should give me a call. The reason I didn't tell him, I wanted him to quit.

Then I get the call, he wanted to try the electronic cigarette. Reluctantly, I sold him one. A week later he phoned me, to tell me the Cancer Clinic, asked him how the electronic cigarette was working for him. He explained, that it's working well, for him and he's not smoking tobacco. Cancer Clinic, told him, that this electronic cigarette wasn't going to interfere with the radiation.

Bottom line, this man was going to smoke. I'm thrilled, that what I am promoting is not interfering with his recovery.

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Yours In Success
Carolyn Crompton

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