Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

JSS-Tripler is NOT MLM!

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   Hello [fname],

   JSS-Tripler's design overcomes the common
   drawbacks of other High-Yield Programs.

   JSS-Tripler is NOT MLM where the first
   people at the top make all the money and
   the people lower down can only earn pennies.

   JSS-Tripler is NOT a matrix that promises
   "spillover"... but the people lower down never
   see any spillover and mostly lose their money.
   (And if they do build a downline, after a while
   it collapses like a series of dominoes.)

   Daily withdrawals! JSS-Tripler is NOT a
   company that keeps you waiting to get paid...
   (Or worse, runs away with your money!)

   JSS-Tripler is NOT a business that requires
   you to do any selling, create a website, build
   a list, or do anything most people find

   JSS-Tripler provides Unprecedented Value...

   No matter when you join JSS-Tripler, you
   have the same chance to make lots of money
   as the very first member who joined!

   JSS-Tripler solves the "attrition problem"
   of members dropping out because they can't
   afford to continue making monthly payments.

   JSS-Tripler was designed to make it as easy
   as possible for all our members to succeed!

   Oh... did I mention you can START FOR FREE?

   Yes! You receive a FREE $10 position to get you
   on your way to whatever amount you have in mind
   that you would like to make!

   Don't Get Left Behind!

   To your success,

   John Hoyt

   P.S. Our product is the "Big Success
   Breakthrough" that will enable many people
   to become more successful, both financially
   and in life generally.

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