Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

*IPL* The Worlds #1 Pay Plan

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Hello Lukman

My name is Jeff Garrett and am your sponsor.As a member of Triple Quik I what to tell you about
incredible restructure pay plan that you could earn incredible commissions from just a single referral.I know
what you're thinking...I heard this before. But these time you are wrong this is worlds best pay plan.
This incredible system uses the powerful Reverse 3-up compensation plan,which makes it rather unique.
To my knowledge its the only pay plan of its kind IN THE WORLD that pays free members!(yes you heard
free members get paid)
Sound good? just wait till you hear the features!
No cost for life
Surf ratio:3:1
Mailer:300 Bonus random members ounces every 3 days
mail up to 300 random members using credits ounces every 3 days
$4 when your referral subscribes to a Quarterly Quik membership
$8 when your referral subscribes to a Quarterly Speedy membership
$22 when your referral purchases a lifetime Quik membership
$44 when your referral purchases a lifetime Speedy membership
They are many more features that avoidable. What more can you get for FREE.Just think what you get for the upgrade membership.What
would you think the next level would cost for system like this? $15 a month? $20 per month? And the features get better and better higher up.What if I told you
the next level cost less then $17 every 3 months.That"is less than $5 a month...just 18 cents per day! See why I said its the worlds #1 pay plan. Take my word
for it,sign up for free today! And if you can upgrade 1 referral will pay for your membership cost.They are signing up every seconds.
Thank you for reading
Jeff Garrett

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